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Feel Confident at work – Learn British Business English

Be more confident at work and fit in better! Learn language used in British Business. Learn the specific words and phrases used in a working environment in the U.K. You will also improve your ability to understand what people around you are saying.

British Business English Ebook

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Once the package is downloaded you can immediately start using “British Business English” and succeed in the workplace.

Improve Your British Business English

Do you want to learn to:

Then you need to get our British Business English course!

Speak With More Confidence At Work

In this E- book only (doesn’t include audio training), you will learn specific vocabulary and language for working in British companies. Some of the topics covered are:

Language to make a good first impression

You can use the words and expressions to sound more British and fit in at work better!

What You Will Receive

Your lessons will be recorded and sent to you so you can watch and review them any time you like

British Business English Ebook

$79$35 USD

What you will receive in British Business English:

A 75 page e-book (no audio included in this product)

Transcripts of actual business & work conversations so you know what to say

A table at the end of every chapter with- key words and their meanings; idioms; common phrases

Know what to say at work and be more effective and recognised!

Once the 72 Page Ebook is downloaded to your computer, you can immediately start using it to learn British Business English today

Preview the 7 Page Book:

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