British Conversations

Take Your British Accent To The Next Level. Master Conversational Speech!

You Speak English Well but Have These Concerns

Practise with the Speak More Clearly British Conversions course for just 15 minutes a day – perfect your accent faster, and have more time to enjoy your life!

You speak English, but need more practise material for fluency

You need to practise with more advanced material to improve your English clarity for work presentations

You need to practise getting the right stress and rhythm in English to be clearer

You want to completely acquire a British accent for everyday use or for acting

You want to practise conversational skills to sound more natural

You want an easy to use online course that can help you speak British English fluently

Mastery and Confidence In Conversational Speech in English

Gain mastery and confidence in your ability to speak fluently about a wide variety of life situations in English. Get extra practise speaking more clearly. The British Conversations course has audio lessons with British speakers having real, unscripted conversations to learn the natural stress patterns of British English. You will also learn new vocabulary and sentences to improve your everyday conversational skills socially and at work.

Areas covered in this online course include:

You will also learn British idioms and common phrases used in British English.

Speak More Clearly Your Online Course Includes:


Access for 1 Year
When you purchase today, you will get access to your British Conversations Course via our online members portal.
  • Your Online Course Includes:
  • Over 1 hour of audio lessons. Each audio lesson has conversations with native British speakers that you can listen to and copy.
  • Downloadable PDF’s with transcripts of the conversations for learning British pronunciation and breaking down the words and sentences.
  • Everything you need to immediately learn a British accent, speak English more clearly and gain conversation skills.
  • Speak like a local – use British idioms and phrases:
  • You can listen to, and write down the idioms and common British phrases that are used in these conversations and then practise them also.

Be Clearer Master English Stress Patterns and Melody

Do you want to learn to:

Melody and correct stress patterns are very important elements for you to be clearer in English. Just listening to British Conversations at least 15 minutes a day will make a difference.

As you listen and repeat your ear will attune to the correct English pattern. Your brain’s neurology will begin to remember how to produce the melody of English better making it easier for you to copy when you speak.

This course has 13 lessons – over 1 hour of practise material with real British speakers having unscripted conversations. This will allow you to pick up the real, natural stress patterns, colloquialisms and intonation of British English. Once you’ve mastered this you can sound natural and effortless when you speak. You will be able to speak confidently with flowing English, even in spontaneous conversations.