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Personalised Online Coaching with Speech Expert Esther Bruhl

For over 30 years, Speech Pathologist Esther Bruhl has personally helped thousands of adults improve their verbal communication skills. Esther is the creator of the Speak More Clearly online courses. As a world-renowned speech therapist and the founder of Speak More Clearly, Esther Bruhl, has been featured as a speech expert in both national and international media outlets such as the Sydney Morning Herald.

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Aurora's testimonial
Aurora's testimonial


Romanian / Meteorologist

Wish I Had Gotten Coaching with Esther Sooner

The only regret I have is that l did not start (this training) at the beginning of my move to Australia. So I started a few years later – would have saved me a lot of stress and a lot of time (if I had started earlier). Speak More Clearly came up with a solution for me and I was very pleased with it.
Aurora's testimonial
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Vietnamese / Australia

Improved 10 X Faster

Esther is a very knowledgeable and experienced lady, she would give you insights and point out mistakes that you wouldn’t think you could have made. You’ll improve even ten times faster with her personal help. All in all, at the end of the day it will all come down to achieving a better lifestyle and relationships when you can be a better communicator.
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What Do I Get When I Have Private Coaching With Esther?

Esther’s training and videos have reached millions of people around the world and she has helped her private coaching students get incredible results and achieve new heights personally and in their careers. Because of this, Esther’s coaching is in high demand. Now YOU can receive speech coaching from one of the premier pronunciation specialists in the world. Topics that can be covered in your sessions include:

Many, many people have said that private coaching lessons with Esther helped them finally understand how to pronounce sounds and words they had struggled with for years. Speed up your progress to speak English more clearly with private coaching!

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Depending on the package you choose, you could save hundreds of dollars! We believe commitment to the right training and coaching is the best way to get long-term and lasting results.

$2,947 AUD

$3,468 AUD

Save 15%

12 x 1 Hour Sessions

Save 15% - Original price: $3,468

$289 AUD

1 Hour Session

$1,300 AUD

$1,445 AUD

SAVE 10%

5 x 1 Hour Sessions

Save 10% - original price: $1,445

$5,117 AUD

$6,396 AUD

Save 20%

24 x 1 Hour Sessions

Save 20% - Original price: $6,396

Expert Speech Trainers Certified Speech Therapists

We’ve all seen people who are barely qualified and those who are masters at what they do – the difference in their results is drastic! If you’ve worked with trainers before who haven’t gotten you the results you wanted, it may have been because they weren’t a master teacher or maybe they weren’t even a speech therapist at all!

Coaches Who Aren't Speech Therapists Don't Have Training and Experience Specifically on

Where your tongue, jaw, mouth should be placed to make each sound correctly.

Resonance, articulation, diphthongs, triphthongs, consonant clusters, syllable timed languages vs stress timed languages (and every other aspect specific to English pronunciation).

How to modify training for each specific individual student's needs.

Hearing exactly what is going on with the vowels, consonants, stress and rhythm of a student's speech.