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Private Coaching – Personalised Online Coaching with our Expert Speech Trainers

Improving your English speech can be frustrating! Eliminate the pain of not knowing how to improve, and dramatically speed up your progress by working with a private trainer.

Testimonials What People Say About Us

You do not have to take our word for it. These testimonials from satisfied students attest to the fact that Speak More Clearly delivers on our promises.

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German / United Kingdom

My Pronunciation is More Articulate

I’ve been in the UK for 22 years. These sessions were extremely useful and I benefited a lot with my intonation and the rhythm of speaking, but also with specific words. She (my trainer) honed in on exactly what I needed to do. She gave me additional exercises and she identified the issues which I have.

My pronunciation is more articulate. It was really value for money and it was entertainment as well.

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Managing Director

Big Progress & Improved Confidence

Titus is a managing director of an agency and wanted to improve his clarity in English for his work. He was frustrated that his staff and colleagues didn’t always understand him and he felt he could be more effective in his communication. That’s when he decided to do one on one lessons to improve his American English. Titus started having lessons with our speech therapist, Norma and after just 12 lessons, he transformed his speech (and his confidence) in English.

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Why Work With a Private Speech Trainer?

Working to reduce your accent on your own can be frustrating, but a skilled Speech Therapist who is a native speaker of the language, can significantly increase your progress. 

How do we do this?

Our private accent training is designed to help you advance your career and gain more confidence by becoming a better speaker.

In your sessions with your private coach:

Assessment of your speech - find out what you need to work on to achieve your goal.

A prioritized plan of pronunciation elements you need to work on for the fastest and most effective results.

Techniques to make sure your new pronunciation becomes automatic in your every day speech.

Real time feedback and adjustment. The sooner you're aware of what pronunciation mistakes you're making, the faster you can reach your speech goals.

The Importance of Working with Speech Therapists

At Speak More Clearly, our coaches are all native speakers of the accent they teach. However, what sets us apart from other accent courses is that our trainers are trained speech therapists. Meaning that they can offer help with specific speech and pronunciation elements including:

Explaining the correct position of your mouth, jaw, and tongue to make specific sounds

Having the ability to hear and differentiate the vowels, consonants, and stress and rhythm patterns, of a student's speech

Explain and demonstrate resonance, articulation, diphthongs, triphthongs, consonant clusters, and syllable-timed languages vs stress-timed languages.

Modify training for each specific individual student's needs and provide accurate feedback.

Book Your Private Coaching Lessons With Esther Private Coaching Lessons Are Held via Zoom

Your lessons will be recorded and sent to you so you can watch and review them any time you like

$1,740 USD

$2,232 USD

Save 22%

12 x 1 Hour Sessions

($145 per lesson) Save 22% - $492

$186 USD

1 Hour Session

$800 USD

$930 USD

Save $130

5 x 1 Hour Sessions

Save $130

$3,240 USD

$4,464 USD

Save 24%

24 x 1 Hour Sessions

($135 per lesson) Save 28% - $1,224

Your sessions must be claimed within 1 year of your purchase. We strongly recommend you have your lessons weekly or once every 2 weeks to get the maximum benefit out of your training. We recommend you use Pronunciation Training together with the accent training course – if you don’t have the course yet, click on an accent in the website menu above.

Expert Speech Trainers Our History

For more than ten years, Speak More Clearly has worked with non-native English speakers, helping them to improve their verbal communication skills. Since we began, we have helped thousands of people just like you, reach their potential by learning how to speak without an accent.

Our Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

We have discounted pricing for our packages of 5 or more lessons.

1. Yes- many companies pay for their staff to have one one one coaching! Ask your company if they’re willing to invest in you and pay for your coaching. We can send them a tax invoice so they can tax deduct the payment.
2. You may also be able to tax deduct the cost of coaching (if you pay for your coaching yourself). Speak to your accountant to find out. We can provide a tax invoice upon request.
3. Our coaches are certified speech therapists so Private Coaching falls under the category of Speech Therapy. You may be able to claim some money back via your health fund – check with your health fund to find out.

Once you make the purchase, you‚Äôll receive a confirmation email with the link to schedule your coaching sessions at a time that’s convenient for you.

Yes. You have 30 days to send us an email and get your full refund. For any reason at all. No questions asked.