Staff Pronunciation Training

Do You Want Your Staff To Speak Clearly And Confidently With Customers?

Our training teaches staff to neutralise their accent, enhance their speech skills, and communicate with customers in a clear and effective way that customers can relate to.

The quicker your staff can communicate effectively, the faster your business can grow.

Discover The Power of Speak More Clearly

Have Your Team Members Join the 40,000 Students From 32 Countries Who Now Speak with Clear English Pronunciation.

Daniel Perry


How Klugo expanded their hiring options after training

My name’s Daniel Perry. I’m the CEO of Klugo. Communication’s a very big part of what we do because we’re providing expert consulting services. The challenge we had was their (our staff’s) communication, their English was fine, it was the pronunciation and understanding, that we were concerned about. And so we discovered, Speak More Clearly. Even after this short period of time, we’re confident to put them in front of customers. What this has done for us, is allows us to consider candidates we would not normally consider. That’s probably the biggest revelation I’ve had.
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Chartered Accountants - Eric Allan & Co.

How Eric’s staff improved their speech after training

I’m a chartered accountant, I’m the managing director of the company. One client complained about the fact that they couldn’t understand some of the things that our staff member was instructing to them. When I first sent them to speak more clearly. I thought it may take a significant amount of time to see some sort of improvement. It actually, it was very fast. I think within the first month there was a very marked improvement with the accent reduction.
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What's in Staff Pronunciation Training

Why Work With a Private Speech Trainer?

Imagine having a speech coach right there with you. Someone who is a skilled Speech Therapist and a native speaker of the language you are studying would have significant benefits. And with their help, you would reduce your accent in English more quickly and easily.

The Speak More Clearly private training is designed to help you advance your career and gain the respect you deserve by becoming a better speaker. Here are more facts about our personalised online training.

Transform The Solution

Onboard your staff quickly with the communication skills they need!

Having the ability to hear and differentiate the vowels, consonants, stress, and rhythm of a student's speech.

We work with your team over 8 - 12 weeks, to help them improve their pronunciation, fluency, and ability to get their message across confidently (especially when speaking spontaneously).

We make sure our training is integrated into their work calls and meetings so they are making lasting change.

You now feel confident putting your team in front of customers, on the phone in sales calls. They can communicate with the rest of the team effectively, without it taking up more of your time or losing your business money.

Speak More Clearly has helped over 40,000 students improve their communication in English and sound like native speakers with an American, Australian or British accent.

Our Secret Sauce Grow Your Company Faster


Esther Bruhl, creator of the Speak More Clearly courses, is a world-leading speech therapist and speech authority with over 30 years of experience. We have worked with students from all over the world, and refined our scientific method of pronunciation training for companies so that your company can get long lasting results in a short period of time.


Over the course of working with companies and staff from all over the world, we have figured out the most effective way to train staff so that the results stick and actually get integrated into their work life. Our method ensures our training is integrated into staff’s phone calls or daily work routine.


Our trainers are speech therapists with many years’ experience specializing in pronunciation and accent training. They are also native speakers of the accent your staff are trying to acquire (American, Australian or British).

How Do I Know My Staff Needs Pronunciation Training?

Speak More Clearly is the top choice for those wanting to change their accents for professional or personal reasons.

The Benefits of Eliminating the Communication Barrier

Often companies don’t even know this training exists – just like Klugo but when you do, your business is no longer stuck in a box, your options multiply.

Benefit of staff training:

You do not want to put this vital training off. In business, time is always of the essence, and the quicker your staff can communicate effectively, the faster your business can grow. To learn more or to speak with our professionals about how we can enhance your staff’s performance contact us here. We look forward to assisting you and your team.