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Are You Happy With the Sound of Your Voice? Millions Are Not! Is Your Speaking Voice An Asset Or A Liability?

We are born with the gift of a beautiful voice. As we grow up we can learn bad vocal habits that affect our natural speaking voice. Our goal is to help you retrain your voice, enabling you to speak freely with your beautiful, natural, speaking voice.

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Why Our Customer’s Love The Voice Training Course

Bonnie XI

Business Coach/Entrepreneur

Helped me do my Job Effectively & Sound Like a Native Speaker

My name is Bonnie. My favorite program is the Finding Your Voice program, which is probably relevant to all speakers, regardless of whether they’re native speakers or not. It helps you to learn how to project your voice more powerfully and more effectively, and how to speak in front of people. Because I have done it, and I make progress, I have the confidence to recommend the program to people. Whether they’ll enhance their job opportunities, or promotions, or pay rise, or to enhance their relationships – because it’s all about communication!

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Beth T

Helped me to fall in love with speaking again, rather than avoiding it

This course has been transformative for me. Presented in bite-sized chunks that feel manageable, rather than overwhelming, I learnt how to use my breath to support my voice and utilise forward resonance to give more power to my speech. For someone who has been very self-conscious about the way I speak, I’m feeling as though this course has given me the confidence to continue practicing and developing my everyday speech and a toolkit to support me in public speaking. With just 10-15 minutes of practice a few times a week, I started noticing a difference within a couple of weeks of commencing the course.

I felt more comfortable doing this self-paced learning without worrying about judgement from a private coach. It’s excellent value for money, and a valuable resource I can return to as needed. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who would like to improve their quality of speech and confidence. It has actually helped me to fall in love with speaking again, rather than avoiding it.

Why I Don’t Like The Sound of My Voice!

Onboard your staff quickly with the communication skills they need!

Studies show that 73% of people said they did not ‚Äúlike the sound of their voice‚ÄĚ. This is a common concern for most people, especially when they listen to a recording of themselves.

Not liking the sound of your recorded voice has a simple and natural explanation. When you hear yourself speaking to someone else, you are hearing the sound waves carried though the air, (air conduction) and simultaneously through the bones of your skull (bone conduction). Sound waves carried via bone conduction are lower in pitch than air conduction and so our voice sounds lower and richer.

When you listen to yourself on a recording, you hear yourself only through the sound waves coming into your ears from the recorder. Without bone conduction your voice sounds higher pitched, and more ‚Äėchildlike‚Äô, and you may not like it until you become used to it.

This is one reason for not being happy with your voice, however many people are not happy with their voice because they are not using their voice effectively when they speak. This is especially so when we are speaking to a group of people and haven’t had any voice training.

Experience The Power of Your Natural Speaking Voice

Discover how to speak with a voice that commands attention, inspires and motivates others to take action. It does not matter whether you’re a high-flying executive or just starting your career; a student or work from home; whether you are in sales, customer service or an office; whether you meet people face-to-face or over the phone. Learning to speak with a strong and confident voice will help you get more of what you want.

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