1 Week Challenge Update: Cherry’s First Week

The 1 Sound, 1 Week Challenge Update: Cherry’s First Week Before & After VIDEO

Congratulations to Cherry for completing the first week of the 1 Week Challenge!

Thank you to the lovely Cherry for being brave enough to take the 1 week challenge and share her progress with us! Here is Cherry’s before and after video from the first week of the challenge. She has made a big improvement in just one week, congratulations Cherry!

Cherry bought the Australian Accent Course, she is working on her Australian pronunciation and accent and using the 1 week challenge technique to practise. You may have seen my original 1 week Challenge post here which gave instructions on how to take the 1 sound, 1 week challenge to achieve clear pronunciation in just 4 short weeks.

If you didn’t, the 1 sound, 1 week challenge is something we created to encourage our fantastic Speak More Clearly community to share their success and learn English pronunciation together, in a supportive environment.

We are so proud of Cherry and we look forward to sharing her second, third and fourth week of the challenge with you! I look forward to seeing your 1 sound, 1 week challenge videos!   Send them to me at leeat@speakmoreclearly.com



P.s.  Once you’ve downloaded your courses you will have lifetime access so if you’re too busy now, you will still be able to start later – don’t miss out on this fantastic sale – limited time only.

Instructions for the 1 Week Challenge:



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