10 often mispronounced English words and phrases

10 Often Mis­pro­nounced Eng­lish words and phras­es

These 10 often mis­pro­nounced Eng­lish words and phras­es caught my eye and I thought they would be use­ful. I have includ­ed some notes to help you to pro­nounce these Eng­lish words and phras­es.

Mis­pro­nounced  Eng­lish Word 1

It's not :antar­tic             It's: antarctic

You need to keep the ‘c' sound in before the /t/. Slow down and prac­tise ‘ant arc' ( a place for ants to float around in!) and then add ‘tic'

For the British and Aus­tralian speak­ers it's a dou­ble con­so­nant blend   ‘ct'. and for the Amer­i­can Eng­lish speak­ers its a triple ‘rct'.

Mis­pro­nounced  Eng­lish Word 2

It's not : athelete; athelet­ic               It's: ath­lete; ath­let­ic

The cor­rect Eng­lish pro­nun­ci­a­tion only has 2 syl­la­bles which means your mouth needs to prac­tise the con­so­nant blend ‘thl' with no vow­el in between the ‘th' and /l/.

Mis­pro­nounced  Eng­lish Phrase 3

It's not: a bless­ing in the skies           It's: a bless­ing in dis­guise

Mean­ing: an appar­ent mis­for­tune that even­tu­al­ly has good results. ( the good result was dis­guised by the appar­ent mis­for­tune)

Mis­pro­nounced  Eng­lish Word 4

It's not: can­nidate                       It's: can­di­date

Don't drop the /d/.Think of it like a com­pound word ‘can­dy' and then ‘date'  ‘can­dy­date'. Be care­ful though the ‘y'  says short ‘i' not long  ‘ee'.

Mis­pro­nounced  Eng­lish Word 5

It's not: fil­lum                         It's: film

There's no vow­el between the /l/ and /m/, and the /l/ is a dark /l/. It's the same idea for words end­ing in ple, ble, cle etc.

It's not ‘peopool' but people – straight from /p/ to /l/.    It's not ‘tabool' but table – no vow­el between the /b/ and /l/.     It's not ‘bicy­cool' but bicycle – straight from ‘c' to /l/.

Mis­pro­nounced  Eng­lish Phrase 6

It's not: for all inten­sive pur­pos­es        It's: for all intents and pur­pos­es

Mean­ing: some­thing that is intend­ed; pur­pose; design; inten­tion. In every prac­ti­cal sense ( of the sit­u­a­tion or words etc).  For exam­ple: The book is, to all intents and pur­pos­es, a dupli­ca­tion of ear­li­er efforts.

Mis­pro­nounced  Eng­lish Word 7

It's not: libary                       It's: library

You have to get your mouth around a word that has an /l/ and 2 /r/ sounds, and includes the /br/ con­so­nant blend. The ‘a' in the sec­ond syl­la­ble is the week vow­el said as a schwa sound ( very short quick ‘u' sound).

Mis­pro­nounced  Eng­lish Word 8

It's not: nuc­cu­lar          It's: nuclear

British and and Aus­tralian pro­nun­ci­a­tion: ˈnjuːk­lɪə

Amer­i­can pro­nun­ci­a­tion: ˈnuk­liər

Mis­pro­nounced  Eng­lish Word 9

It's not: pro­noun­ci­a­tion                It's: pro­nun­ci­a­tion

The vow­el in the 2nd syl­la­ble is said as an ‘u' not an ‘ou'.

Mis­pro­nounced  Eng­lish Word 10

It's not: suit ( you wear this)                It's: suite (sweet)

A lounge suite; a liv­ing room suite; an office suite of rooms; a suite in music (an ordered set of instru­men­tal or orchestral/concert band pieces).

Obvi­ous­ly there are more often, mis­pro­nounced Eng­lish words and phras­es but these are a good start.

If you have a par­tic­u­lar word you're find­ing dif­fi­cult to pro­nounce, please feel free to email me or write it in the com­ments below and I'll help you with it.

Best wish­es, Esther


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