10 Over Used English Words- What To Say Instead


 Little- small, insufficient, minute, tiny, meagre, slight, mini, petite, brief, limited    💡

Pretty- attractive, beautiful, cute, elegant, good-looking, lovely, pleasant,

handsome (for a male)

Saw- glimpsed, spied, gazed, looked, watched, observed, glanced     🙄

Comfortable- appropriate, complacent, convenient, cozy, easy, loose, pleasant,

relaxed, useful, snug

Nice- likeable, agreeable, lovely, friendly, kind, thoughtful, decent    🙂

Interesting- engaging, exotic, fascinating, impressive, intriguing, stimulating, unusual, striking, lovely, compelling 😯

And More Overused English Words

Good- fine, excellent, great, marvelous, wonderful, satisfying, terrific, delightful     😀

Said- told, responded, stated, remarked, commented, replied, exclaimed, mentioned

Awesome- amazing, alarming, astonishing, awful, awe-inspiring, dreadful, breathtaking, imposing, impressive, magnificent, wonderful        😛

Like- love, prefer, appreciate, fancy, enjoy, favour, want, adore    😉

I hope this has helped. I know we can sometimes get stuck using the same English words and vocabulary over and over again. I know I do. As English is a language full of synonyms, I thought I would bring you some new English words to freshen up your speech.

Choose:- I want to speak more clearly in a…