9 of the Most Difficult English Words to Pronounce

VIDEO: How to pronounce 9 difficult English Words

In this video you will learn how to pronounce 9 difficult words in English. I’ve given you 2 words and 2 sentences to practise with. Each sentence has extra difficult words in it, so altogether there is instruction on 9 difficult English words to pronounce.

We have received lots of fantastic emails from many of you who have already used my British accent, American accent and Australian accent courses and now want to know how to pronounce some higher level English vocabulary.

Thank you all for your fantastic words! I received so many that I couldn’t fit them all into the new program that I’m creating for you: Pronounce Difficult English Words! So, I made this video to give you some free difficult English words to practise with and to give you a sneak peak of what’s to come in my upcoming program: Pronounce Difficult English Words.

Stay posted for my program, coming out soon, which will give you videos and a manual on how to pronounce some of the most difficult English words.

If you are good at English but you are not sure how to pronounce some of the higher level words this video will be very helpful for you!
Difficult words included in this video are: journalism, applause, studying, university, accompanied, governor, tour, outside, auditorium

Thanks to Poonam from Australia for sending in the difficult words I have featured in this weeks video! If you want your words to be featured in a video by me, write the difficult words you struggle to pronounce in the comments section below! 

Best Wishes,

Esther Bruhl
Creator and Speech therapist
Speak More Clearly

P.s. in this video I have an Australian accent but even if you want to learn a British accent or an American accent you can still use this video to practise your pronunciation because it will help you sound more clear when you speak English.
P.p.s. In my upcoming program: Pronounce Difficult English Words, I will have specific training for British English pronunciation, American English pronunciation and Australian English pronunciation.

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