Accent reduction- How to pronounce long English words beginning with pr

Audio: Accent Reduc­tion-How To Pro­nounce Long Eng­lish Words Begin­ning With ‘pr’

Accent reduc­tion train­ing in how to pro­nounce long Eng­lish words begin­ning with ‘pr’, actu­al­ly ‘kills two birds with the one stone’!

First­ly, you make sure you don’t leave out the /r/ sound in the ‘pr’ con­so­nant clus­ter.

Sec­ond­ly, you make sure you’re using a cor­rect Eng­lish /r/ sound, and at the same time, you get to prac­tise cor­rect syl­la­ble stress in longer Eng­lish words. Actu­al­ly, that’s 3 birds with one stone!!

When you’re prac­tis­ing your accent reduc­tion, you may need to slow down to coor­di­nate your mouth to pro­duce the ‘pr’ con­so­nant clus­ter. This is OK. Do that at first to give your mouth a chance to prac­tise, and then speed up.


Accent Reduc­tion-How To Pro­nounce Long Eng­lish Words Begin­ning With ‘pr’

‘pr’ Words

project (noun), pro­vide, pri­ma­ry, pro­duce, pri­vate, pre­scrip­tion, pro­mo­tion, pre­dis­posed, pro­grams, process, pro­fes­sion­al, prac­ti­cal­i­ties, pre­sume, pro­tec­tion, prospects, pre­sen­ta­tions, pro­duc­tiv­i­ty.


The pri­ma­ry pro­duc­ers of the new tech­nol­o­gy pro­mot­ed their inven­tion on the media pro­grams.

Their pre­sen­ta­tions were very pro­fes­sion­al.

Please pro­vide details of the process.

He was pre­dis­posed to wor­ry about his finan­cial pro­tec­tion pro­ce­dures.

Let’s get down to the prac­ti­cal­i­ties of the project.

She wrote her pre­scrip­tions prac­ti­cal­ly every day, using strict pro­ce­dur­al prin­ci­ples.

We pre­sumed she liked pri­va­cy.


Best wish­es, Esther

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