Accent reduction training in how to pronounce long English words beginning with ‘pr’, actually ‘kills two birds with the one stone’!

Firstly, you make sure you don’t leave out the /r/ sound in the ‘pr’ consonant cluster.

Secondly, you make sure you’re using a correct English /r/ sound, and at the same time, you get to practise correct syllable stress in longer English words. Actually, that’s 3 birds with one stone!!

When you’re practising your accent reduction, you may need to slow down to coordinate your mouth to produce the ‘pr’ consonant cluster. This is OK. Do that at first to give your mouth a chance to practise, and then speed up.


Accent Reduction-How To Pronounce Long English Words Beginning With ‘pr’

‘pr’ Words

project (noun), provide, primary, produce, private, prescription, promotion, predisposed, programs, process, professional, practicalities, presume, protection, prospects, presentations, productivity.


The primary producers of the new technology promoted their invention on the media programs.

Their presentations were very professional.

Please provide details of the process.

He was predisposed to worry about his financial protection procedures.

Let’s get down to the practicalities of the project.

She wrote her prescriptions practically every day, using strict procedural principles.

We presumed she liked privacy.


Best wishes, Esther

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