Lee’at Bruhl

Lee’at Bruhl

Esther and Lee’at joined forces to expand Speak More Clearly in 2012. Since then, Lee’at as CEO has led the team to new heights, empowering individuals worldwide to gain confidence and enhance their communication skills in speaking English.

With her mother as a speech therapist and her father as an English teacher, and brother as a translator, Lee’at’s passion for language stems from her family’s linguistic background. Her fascination with pronunciation and accents made helping people discover the benefits of pronunciation training a natural calling. When Esther approached her with the idea of growing Speak More Clearly together, she eagerly accepted the challenge.

It brings immense joy for Lee’at witnessing the profound impact of Speak More Clearly’s training on people’s lives. From customers securing their dream jobs and earning higher wages to fostering social connections and bolstering confidence in clear communication, she finds it immensely rewarding to witness these transformative outcomes.

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