Your private accent coach can tailor your lessons to match your needs.

As you work on your accent, you may feel that you don’t know what you need to work on, or if you’re meeting your goals. While these instances are both frustrating, a private coach can assist by assessing your pronunciation, helping with your speech goals, and providing direction that will lead you to success.


What are the Benefits of Private Accent Training?


1. Access to Tips and Techniques

When you’re communicating, being effective and efficient is crucial. This is true in the business and academic worlds as well as your personal life. Your coach can tell you right away if you’re communicating your message well, and if not, your coach will show you how to correct your issues and upgrade your speech to a higher level.

Immediate feedback from your coach is priceless. You’ll reinforce what you have been learning in the accent course by practising with your coach, and master different aspects of your speech by reviewing the proper technique. Incorrect or unclear pronunciation can be fixed right away. This keeps you from developing bad speech habits or wasting time practising something the wrong way.

Your private accent coach can tailor your lessons to match your needs. We have worked with professionals from all disciplines and provide specialized training.

For Example:

  • If you’re going for an interview for a job in education, your coach can assist you with specific terms and phrases that will correspond with the position you’re pursuing. While this may sound like a small thing, you stand to gain more respect and a competitive edge over other applicants.
  • Your goal may be to get a high score on your IELTS speaking test. If this is the case, your coach will help you target what you need to know. You’ll also be able to practice with the coach and perfect what you have learned with your coach’s feedback.
  • One of our students who held a managerial position in the Meteorological / Weather Bureau worked on pronouncing the names of different towns, cities, and areas correctly and confidently.
  • Another student who was the manager of the financial planning section in a major bank, needed help being understood by his colleagues and customers when he consulted with them and needed to say specific financial terms clearly.

A private accent coach can help you with more than speaking the words correctly. You can learn other essential communication components, such as which words to stress or emphasize, when and how to pause, and how to use English intonation, facial expression, and vocal expression. These are very important to get your message across in any situation and are especially important if you’re presenting to people or in charge of a meeting etc.


2. Learn the Correct Way to Move Your Mouth and Tongue

Because qualified speech therapists understand the mechanics of speaking, you’ll learn the physical elements needed to make the correct sounds for the accent you’re learning. When learning in a one-on-one setting, you will be able to study the mouth movements needed, and see which techniques help you learn the fastest.

Your private accent coach will show you how to breathe correctly using your diaphragm muscle. Additionally, you’ll learn how your breathing impacts your accent and the sound of your voice. You’ll also learn where to resonate sounds in your mouth to prevent straining when you speak and to make your voice sound rich, confident and pleasant.


3. You Will Improve Your Listening Skills

A significant part of communication involves listening, understanding what another person is telling you, and noticing how they have pronounced certain words. Hearing the accent you are learning, and committing the sounds to memory will help you speak at a natural pace. Working on your pronunciation with your one-on-one coach will significantly strengthen your listening skills. You can hear for yourself if you have pronounced something correctly or not, and also how to fix or repair what you have said if you need to.

You’ll also discover that English speakers tend to link some words together for more flowing speech. For example, the words ‘a lot of’, will sound like ‘alotuv’ in informal speech. You’ll be able to connect words on your own after hearing how native English speakers link them and can practice this with your coach.


4. Your Spelling in English Will Improve

Spelling in English is notoriously challenging. For every rule that you learn, you must learn the exceptions and remember that the five vowels (A, E, I, O, U) make 16 different sounds depending on how they are placed in a word. Better spelling skills are a natural result of learning the accent and understanding how letters connect to make sounds.

5. Your Speech Will Become Clearer and More Confident, and You Will Be Able to Make Your New Clear Speech Automatic when Speaking Spontaneously

Many students have been struggling with speech confidence when they first begin training with us at Speak More Clearly. As you progress with your lessons, you will find your confidence grows as your speaking skills grow. There is no substitute for being sure of your ability to speak clearly and correctly.

As you learn and perfect your pronunciation in a one-on-one environment, you’ll discover your strengths and the ways you are mastering specific skills. As you work with your private accent coach, you’ll get constructive feedback designed to help you improve your accent. Your progress and mastery of your speech skills will encourage you to continue to keep working.

Spontaneity is a natural product of your confidence. You will be able to interject your thoughts or ideas into conversations and have enjoyable interactions because you know you are understood.


6. You Will Receive Encouragement

Learning the English language is quite challenging for non-native speakers. Perfecting a specific accent takes time and practice. Speak More Clearly private coaches know that challenges will come. This is a normal part of the learning process. When you are struggling, your coach can lift you and teach you strategies to overcome the difficulties. They can also motivate you to keep trying by showing you how much progress you have made.

Training to speak with an accent takes work. You’ll need regular practice and a commitment to invest in yourself. Your private accent coach can help you remember the progress you have made, and inspire you to keep working because you really can achieve your speech goals.

If you’re not sure if you’re progressing as well as you should, or if there are specifics where you feel you need direction, feel free to reach out to us. The elite speech and language experts at Speak More Clearly have coached hundreds of clients, and we can help you too.

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