Accent Reduction Exercises

Accent reduction is based on intonation. It’s how rhythm, pitch, and melody are used to group word phrases together.

  1. Syllable Stress in Words – Emphasis All languages have particular stress patterns – parts of words that are emphasized or stressed. In some languages, the emphasized part is always the last or second last syllable. In English, there are some rules for which syllable to stress. However, they are not always consistent and […]

Benefits of Private Accent Training

Your private accent coach can tailor your lessons to match your needs.

As you work on your accent, you may feel that you don’t know what you need to work on, or if you’re meeting your goals. While these instances are both frustrating, a private coach can assist by assessing your pronunciation, helping with your speech goals, and providing direction that will lead you to success.

Words Spelled with an ‘A’ but said with a Schwa

Words spelled with an ‘A’ but said with a schwa. Don’t pronounce these words incorrectly! Students often get confused about whether a word spelled with an ‘a’ at the beginning, is said as an ay, e, or a. I want to talk about special words spelt with an ‘A’ at the beginning, but when the […]

Tr and Dr Hack – English Tip – VIDEO Training

Tr and Dr Hack – English Tip Learn How to Say /dr/ and /tr/ Words Naturally in English When we make the English /t/ and /d/ sounds we usually drop our tongue down for the 2nd part of the sound. But for this pronunciation hack, you only drop your tongue down a little from the bony […]

Clear English Speech Practise- 3 More Motivational Tips VIDEO

Clear English speech practise 3 more motivational tips video

Clear English Speech Practise- 3 More Motivational Tips   Are you ready for 3 more motivational tips to help keep you on track for your clear English speech practice? 3 More Motivational Practise Tips for Clear English Speech 1) The ‘see it’ technique 2) The ‘sign’ motivational tip 3) Get an accountability buddy Have a […]

Get a Band 7+ Score – Video Interview with Kristin Espinar

English tutoring and preparation services for the IELTS® test with Kristen Espinar  – How To get a Band 7+ Score Want to know how to improve your writing and speaking for the IELTS® test to a 7+ in the written and spoken sections of the exam? I recently interviewed an expert teacher and coach- Kristin […]

English Pronunciation Practice- 3 Motivational Tips VIDEO

English pronunciation practice 3 Motivational tips

English Pronunciation Practice- 3 Motivational Tips   Are you finding it hard sometimes to motivate yourself to practice for your goal of clear and confident English speech?  You aren’t the only one, so I thought I would help with some English pronunciation practice motivational tips. 3 Motivational Practice Tips 1) Record yourself to hear your […]

Important British Accent Tip- VIDEO

British Accent tip VIDEO Training

Important British Accent Tip   This British accent tip is important because it is one of the pronunciation elements that distinguishes the British accent from the Australian and American accents.  I also wanted to make sure you notice this British accent pronunciation tip properly. When you use our new, great online  British accent course, you need […]