How To Pronounce 6 Baseball Idioms With An American Accent

How To Pronounce 6 Baseball Idioms With An American Accent Hi, from Speak More Clearly! Because baseball is so widely loved and played in America, a lot of baseball phrases have made their way into everyday speech and are used all the time. Learning how to say some of the common idioms with an American […]

4 Most Commonly Mispronounced Place Names in British English

4 Most Commonly Mispronounced Place Names In British English Hi, it’s Maggie here from Speak More Clearly! Pronunciation can vary across different regions and accents within British English. There are four commonly mispronounced place names in British English that tend to trip up non-native speakers or those unfamiliar with British pronunciation. Of course, part of […]

Overcoming Accent Bias

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Unveiling the Reality: The Impact of Accent Bias on Communication Divisions among people are not new. Prejudices rationalized by various superficial differences have plagued humanity for centuries. A troubling issue that has received more attention in recent years is accent bias. We all have some bias to things in our lives, whether conscious or not. […]

Flow of Speech and Pronunciation

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Our students are often concerned about the flow of their speech. Choppy speaking is sometimes distracting or difficult to understand. If your native language is syllable-timed, you speak very uniformly.

Accent Training for Specific Professions: Advancing Career Opportunities

Being a fluent English speaker is a huge asset for all phases of your life. But the area that benefits the most may be your career.

The Role of Clear Communication in Professional Success If you are taking or thinking of taking the Speak More Clearly course, you already know that how you speak greatly impacts all areas of your life, including your career. No matter what your field of expertise is, communicating is vital. Think for a moment about the […]

8 Commonly Used Idioms And Phrases From the TV Show Modern Family

Hi, it’s Ted here, and welcome to this Speak More Clearly video! In this engaging and informative video lesson, we dive into the popular TV show “Modern Family” and explore eight commonly used idioms and phrases derived from its witty dialogues. Not only will you discover the meaning and usage of these idiomatic expressions, but […]

Should You Change Your Accent In English? Define Your Speech Goal Today!

Should You Change Your Accent In English? Define Your Speech Goal Today! Hi, it’s Lee’at from Speak More Clearly! Today, I wanna talk to you about a bit of a controversial topic. Should you change your accent in English? We had a post on Facebook talking about our online course and how it can help […]

Learn 5 Typical Dad Jokes you can Practise in British Accent Training

FATHER’S DAY SPECIAL: Learn 5 Typical Dad Jokes in British Accent   Hi, it’s Maggie here from Speak More Clearly! In honour of Father’s Day, we thought we’d bring you a laugh in British accent practice with these 5 typical Dad Jokes below. Dad jokes are simple in their structure, yet possess a subtle wit […]

Accent Reduction Exercises

Accent reduction is based on intonation. It’s how rhythm, pitch, and melody are used to group word phrases together.

  1. Syllable Stress in Words – Emphasis All languages have particular stress patterns – parts of words that are emphasized or stressed. In some languages, the emphasized part is always the last or second last syllable. In English, there are some rules for which syllable to stress. However, they are not always consistent and […]