Accent Reduction AUDIO lesson-Pronounce 12 Common English Animal Idioms Clearly

AUDIO LESSON Accent reduction -12 animal idioms

I found these cool common, animal idioms, and wanted to give you a chance to learn how to pronounce these English idioms correctly, and to understand when to use them.  At the same time, you get more accent reduction practise  material. Credit Analytical Grammar/Grammar Planet   Accent Reduction Practise- 12 English Idioms 1. Night owl –a […]

English Multisyllablic Word Stress and Idioms- Dialog AUDIO lesson

English idioms and multisyllabic word stress AUDIO training dialog

Lately I’ve been working with customers who want to improve their IELTS score. Mastering stress in multisyllabic words and use of English idioms are important to include in your English pronunciation practise. Of course, these are important for anyone wanting to improve their speech clarity, not just those working towards a better IELTS score. English […]

Cool Food Idioms You Can Find In Your Fridge

Cool Food Idioms You Can Find IN Your Fridge.

I recently shared a post by Analytical Grammar/ Grammar Planet’s post, about all the food idioms you can find just by looking in the fridge!  I’ll put the link in at the end of this post, as it’s a cool image as well. In the meantime, what I thought would be fun would be to […]