Get a Band 7+ Score – Video Interview with Kristin Espinar

English tutoring and preparation services for the IELTS® test with Kristen Espinar  – How To get a Band 7+ Score Want to know how to improve your writing and speaking for the IELTS® test to a 7+ in the written and spoken sections of the exam? I recently interviewed an expert teacher and coach- Kristin […]

VIDEO English Words That Sound Similar -How To Pronounce Them

How to pronounce English words that sound similar

  English Words That Sound Similar -How To Pronounce Them I recently asked customers which English words they get mixed up when they’re trying to pronounce them, and I got quite a few. Thank you to everyone who contributed. The interesting thing is, quite a few of the English words show a confusion between the […]

5 Tips to Increase Your English Confidence- VIDEO

5 tips to increase your English confidence

5 Tips To Increase English Confidence 5 Tips To Increase English Confidence Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do to increase your confidence in English so I thought I’d give you a start by talking about 5 tips that are easy to implement in your everyday life no matter what your native language is. […]

Understand English Speakers- Why Some People Take Longer

Understand English Speakers

“How do I train my ear to better understand everyday speech between 2 English speakers talking informally and at normal speed?” “Why can’t I understand English speakers when they are speaking at a normal rate?” “What do I need to do to understand what English speakers are saying?” All questions you may have asked, or […]

10 Important English Proverbs

!0 often used English proverbs

Often we hear a short saying or English proverb that people use and sometimes we vaguely know the meaning, but aren’t quite sure. You can use the following English proverbs and their meanings a) to understand what people are referring to better, and b) to practise your pronunciation with something a bit different than usual. […]