How To Learn An English Accent – 5 Tips Actors Can Teach Us

How to l;earn an English accent- 5 tips Actors can teach us

How To Learn An English Accent – 5 Tips Actors Can Teach Us I was recently talking to an actress about how to learn an English accent (or other accent) that wasn’t her native English accent.  She said she used ‘layering’. She said she listened over and over to someone speaking with the accent she […]

9 of the Most Difficult English Words

9 of the Most Difficult English Words to Pronounce VIDEO: How to pronounce 9 difficult English Words In this video you will learn how to pronounce 9 difficult words in English. I’ve given you 2 words and 2 sentences to practise with. Each sentence has extra difficult words in it, so altogether there is instruction on […]

English Sounds – Hidden Trick! How to move your mouth correctly when pronouncing English sounds

English sounds pronunciation dilemma   Have you ever thought–  “my mouth doesn’t look like that when I say that sound or word” Recently a student came to me with a concern. They could pronounce English sounds the same as the trainer in my program, but had their lips in a different position. They thought there […]