Get a Band 7+ Score – Video Interview with Kristin Espinar

English tutoring and preparation services for the IELTS® test with Kristen Espinar  – How To get a Band 7+ Score Want to know how to improve your writing and speaking for the IELTS® test to a 7+ in the written and spoken sections of the exam? I recently interviewed an expert teacher and coach- Kristin […]

VIDEO- English Schwa Sound-Why Is It Important

The English Schwa sound -Why it's important

English Schwa Sound- Why It’s Important I have written about the English schwa sound before, the unstressed vowel, and mentioned that it’s actually the most common vowel in English! That’s one of the reasons it’s so important in English. If you can’t say or use it in words, then you have trouble sounding natural in […]

English Speaking Fluency- Practise This….

English Speaking Fluency-Practise this..

An important element in English speaking fluency is to say words ending in consonant blends in sentences, without leaving out one of the consonants. Then the next level of mastery in English speaking fluency is: To say all the sounds in the consonant blend at the end of words, and at the same time to […]