English Accent Reduction- Use Speech Juncture To Sound Natural

English Accent Reduction- Speak Naturally with Juncture

Juncture is another element of intonation in English speech, and so is important for English accent reduction. As you will see from the examples below, it’s really important because if you don’t use it properly the meaning of what you are saying changes. Juncture is a kind of transition and pause between utterances or within an […]

How To Learn An English Accent – 5 Tips Actors Can Teach Us

How to l;earn an English accent- 5 tips Actors can teach us

How To Learn An English Accent – 5 Tips Actors Can Teach Us I was recently talking to an actress about how to learn an English accent (or other accent) that wasn’t her native English accent.  She said she used ‘layering’. She said she listened over and over to someone speaking with the accent she […]

11 Tricky English Words-Say Them Correctly-Audio Lesson

11 Tricky English words-say them correctly-Audio lesson

I bet you can think of at least 1 or 2  tricky English words you have trouble pronouncing or get stuck on. Or 1 or 2 tricky English words that you think you are saying correctly, but people keep asking you to repeat yourself because they haven’t understood you. Very frustrating indeed! Often during my […]

English Multisyllablic Word Stress and Idioms- Dialog AUDIO lesson

English idioms and multisyllabic word stress AUDIO training dialog

Lately I’ve been working with customers who want to improve their IELTS score. Mastering stress in multisyllabic words and use of English idioms are important to include in your English pronunciation practise. Of course, these are important for anyone wanting to improve their speech clarity, not just those working towards a better IELTS score. English […]

VIDEO- English Schwa Sound-Why Is It Important

The English Schwa sound -Why it's important

English Schwa Sound- Why It’s Important I have written about the English schwa sound before, the unstressed vowel, and mentioned that it’s actually the most common vowel in English! That’s one of the reasons it’s so important in English. If you can’t say or use it in words, then you have trouble sounding natural in […]

The difference between a British RP and American Accent-VIDEO

The difference between a British RP and American accent

One of the differences between a British RP accent and American accent, is that some words of more than one syllable are said with different stress on the syllables. Also listen to the difference in the way the trainer pronounces the vowels in the words for the British RP accent or the American accent. This […]