The Mystery Of Linking Words in English Uncovered VIDEO

How to Use The Linking /r/ Sound VIDEO: Hi, from Speak More Clearly. In this video you will learn about how practise linking words in English – specifically the linking /r/ sound. Using the /r/ sound in this way is important so you sound like a local, speak with more flowing and fluent speech in English. […]

How Bonnie Learnt To Speak Like A Native In English

Meet Bonnie Lifang. Bonnie who is originally from China, moved to Australia to pursue new opportunities. She was frustrated because no matter how hard she tried, or how much she spoke with her local friends, she still had a very strong Chinese accent. She found it difficult to pronounce certain words and sounds in English, especially multi-syllabic words, and she […]

Clear English Pronunciation. Make It Work For You.

Clear English Pronunciation. Make it Work For you. Speak More Clearly

Recently a client emailed me with the following concern: He asked whether he would only be able to use his new accent when he was using the specific material and sentences etc from our Speak More Clearly English accent training course. He was worried that it wouldn’t generalise into his everyday speech when he used […]

English Pronunciation -Who else wants to Speak English Fluently?

English pronunciation- stress and rhythm for English speech fluency

You know I have talked about English Pronunciation and speaking English fluently before, but I realised I left out an important element! I have already told you about some of the elements you need to practise to speak English fluently so that you don’t sound stiff and unconnected when you speak. These are Linking, Elision, Syllable […]

Speak Fluent English with Confidence Under Pressure

speak fluent English under pressure

Have you ever noticed that when you are under pressure to speak fluent English you may stumble more than usual, or speak faster than you want to and become unclear? It can be frustrating! Just when you want to speak fluent English with confidence under pressure, your usual  fluent speech eludes you! Well I have […]

VIDEO: How to use Elision in English

 Get a Sneak Peak Inside my Accent Training Program … I am giving you one of the fantastic videos in my accent training program for FREE. I wanted to share it with you so you can learn how to use elision in English and sound more natural when you speak. Speak like a Native by Mastering Elision in […]

Speak fluid English. Go with the Flow! Pt 1

Be fluent in English, like native by learning how to speak with fluid English Speaking flowing, fluid English is a problem for many people whose original language is a syllable timed language. What do I mean by this?  They find it difficult to link words in sentences so they flow effortlessly and sound fluid. English […]

Speak fluid English. Go with the Flow! Pt 2

Learn How to go with the Flow and Speak Fluid English People often tell me they have been working on their English clarity and have mastered the pronunciation, but are frustrated because they find they still can’t speak fluid English- that is, with smooth, flowing sentences! The stress pattern in a word, phrase or sentence conveys meaning and therefore […]