Speak English Naturally- tle words- VIDEO

Video- Speak English Naturally -pronounce tle correctly

Speak English Naturally – tle words   Pronounce Words Ending in ‘tle’ Confidently   Words bottle little settle metal (not spelt the same but said the same- there’s the very short schwa between T and L) subtle what’ll ( what’ll you do)  3 sentences with these words. What’ll you do with the bottle? The little […]

Speak English Naturally- ‘wanna and gonna’-AUDIO lesson

Speak English Naturally- gonna and wanna- Audio Lesson

When we speak English naturally, like in any other language, we sometimes contract or devolve how we say things for speed and ease. Unless you are pronouncing English as Queen Elizabeth of England does, then to speak English naturally, we often contract two common phrases. These two phrases are ‘going to’ and ‘want to.’ Oh […]