One of the differences between a British RP accent and American accent, is that some words of more than one syllable are said with different stress on the syllables.

Also listen to the difference in the way the trainer pronounces the vowels in the words for the British RP accent or the American accent. This is another opportunity to practise your clear English pronunciation. Copy and mimic the trainer when she says the word in the accent you are practising.

VIDEO: The difference between a British RP and American Accent

The Difference between a British RP and American accent- words:

If a syllable is written in bold, it is the stressed syllable. The British pronunciation is first and the American is second.

Forhead         forehead

Adult              adult

 Advertisement   advertisement

Garage            garage

 Buffet             buffet

 Detail             detail

Which words do you struggle with? Please leave us a comment and let us know below. Good practising and best wishes, Esther.

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