Don't be Embarrassed- Speak English Clearly -Audio lesson

Don’t be Embar­rassed – Speak Eng­lish More Clear­ly- Audio les­son

To speak Eng­lish more clear­ly you need to know how to pro­nounce the words cor­rect­ly. Each time you begin to pro­nounce and use one or two words more cor­rect­ly, it already makes your speech clear­er.

This time, to help you speak Eng­lish more clear­ly, I have an audio les­son for you about when ‘ch' says /k/ in words. 

Did you know that ‘ch' can say 3 sounds in Eng­lish:

It can say ‘ch'- church, child, watch (most com­mon­ly used sound for ‘ch')

It can say ‘k'-  tech­nol­o­gy, ache

It can say ‘sh'- chef, machine, para­chute

As is often the case in Eng­lish pro­nun­ci­a­tion, a let­ter or two let­ters togeth­er, can say more than just one sound. So lets look at a list of some words where ‘ch' can say the / k/ sound which is its 2nd most com­mon­ly used sound.

Speak Eng­lish More Clear­ly- When ‘ch' Says /k/



chaos, char­ac­ter, chem­i­cal, chlo­rine, choir, chord, chore­o­graph, mechan­i­cal, tech­nique, melan­choly, scheme, archives,  monarch, stom­ach, ache


The loss of the archives caused chaos.

The melan­choly char­ac­ter hatched a scheme to denounce the monarch.

The chem­i­cal in the food gave him a stom­ach ache.

The choreographer’s tech­nique and arrange­ments amazed the audi­ence.


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