To speak English more clearly you need to know how to pronounce the words correctly. Each time you begin to pronounce and use one or two words more correctly, it already makes your speech clearer.

This time, to help you speak English more clearly, I have an audio lesson for you about when ‘ch’ says /k/ in words. 

Did you know that ‘ch’ can say 3 sounds in English:

It can say ‘ch’- church, child, watch (most commonly used sound for ‘ch’)

It can say ‘k’-  technology, ache

It can say ‘sh’- chef, machine, parachute

As is often the case in English pronunciation, a letter or two letters together, can say more than just one sound. So lets look at a list of some words where ‘ch’ can say the / k/ sound which is its 2nd most commonly used sound.

Speak English More Clearly- When ‘ch’ Says /k/



chaos, character, chemical, chlorine, choir, chord, choreograph, mechanical, technique, melancholy, scheme, archives,  monarch, stomach, ache


The loss of the archives caused chaos.

The melancholy character hatched a scheme to denounce the monarch.

The chemical in the food gave him a stomach ache.

The choreographer’s technique and arrangements amazed the audience.

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