Don’t Pronounce These Confusing Homophones Incorrectly

Find out common homophones that are confusing!

It’s surprising sometimes to find out which common homophones in English are pronounced exactly the same, because the spelling is so different.

I have gone through some below that some of our students have found confusing.


Difficult English Homophone Number 1:

I’ll, aisle and Isle. These 3 words are said the same.

I will; the supermarket aisle; and the shortened form of Island, are all pronounced the same.

Let’s say a sentence.

Note for students who aren’t contracting ‘I will’ to ‘I’ll’, this is a great opportunity to practise this.

Practice sentence: I’ll buy it in the 2nd aisle in the supermarket on the Isle of White.  


Difficult English Homophone Number 2: 

Berry, and bury.

Berry that I eat, and to bury something in the ground.

These words are said the same.

NOTE: BURY is not pronounced with an ‘u’ – the ‘u’ says ‘e’.

Practice sentence: They buried the spoiled berries to make compost. 


Difficult English Homophone Number 3 is:

He’ll, heal and heel

He’ll short for ‘he will’; heal to become well again; heel a part of one’s foot.

Practice sentence: He’ll heal his sore heel if he rests it.  


Difficult English Homophone Number 4 is:

Hour and our.

Hour as in the time, and our when something belongs to us.

Practice sentence: Our appointment was an hour ago.  


For more practice material on homophones in English, click here. Also, check our this video training on the ‘i’ and ‘ee’ sounds for training on comparing similar vowels (and how to not feel embarrassed anymore because you mixed them up!)

I hope you feel more confident pronouncing these words.

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