Recently I was asked a very specific English accent training question by a client. He wanted to know how to pronounce past tense verbs when the ‘ed’ said /d/.

He isn’t the only one who has trouble with this when practising an English accent.  There is a simple reason for this.  It is difficult to pronounce the last voiced consonant, or vowel in a word followed by ‘ed’ when it says /d/, because you are really pronouncing a consonant blend.

This means you are having to pronounce 2 consonants together without a vowel in between the consonants.

Because you really need to listen and practise this yourself to improve your English accent, I have included a voice recording below for you to listen and repeat.

English accent training- how to pronounce ‘ed’ –

(video starts after 5 seconds)


I have written the words and sentences below so you can see the words as well, while you listen and repeat.

Words in voice recording




paired (U.S.)




paired (British and Australian)

Sentences in the voice recording

He played with his dog, who wagged his tail when the man showed him the ball.

They pulled their things out, payed  the cashier and moved out of the way.

Happy practising.

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If you want more information on the ‘ed’ ending see here

Best wishes, Esther

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