In this audio lesson we’ll practise how to say words that are the same except for ‘ts’ or ‘ds’ at the end.

 English Accent Tip 1

If the word ends in ‘ds’ (said ‘dz’), the vowel before it is said slightly longer, and has an up down quality to it.

 English Accent Tip 2

When you practise saying words together that are the same except for the ‘ts’ or ‘ds’ at the end, it allows you to hear and feel how to make them better.

English Accent Tip 3

Keep your tongue tip up on the middle of the bony ridge behind your top front teeth to make the /t/ and /s/  and the same for the /d/and /z/. Don’t drop your tongue, but move the tip slightly forward after the /t/ or /d/, to make the /s/ and /z/.

English Accent Tip 4

To master this in everyday speech you just need to practise over and over, till your mouth is used to the movements of the consonant cluster combinations.

How to say ts and ds words – Audio


How to say ts and ds words


Word pairs and Sentences

seats seeds            The seeds were on the seats.

beats beads            She beats the beads to make them soft.

feats   feeds            She feeds our imagination with unusual feats.

pleats pleads          He pleads not to have pleats on his shirt.

plots plods              He plods between the garden plots.

coats codes             We put on our coats before activating the codes.

wants wands           Are you sure Bobby wants 2 wands?

heats heads             She heads the warning that the machine over heats.

bits bids                    Last one here bids for the tiny bits left.

bets beds                   All bets are on those two flower beds winning the prize.

mates maids              The 2 mates spoke to the maids.


For more practise with words ending in ‘ts’ such as the contractions it’s, that’s etc click here.

For more words ending in ‘ds’ have a look here.

Best wishes, Esther

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