One key English Accent tip for Russian Speakers that will make a huge difference!

Hi everyone,

To use ‘e’ or ‘a’ that is the question!

Are you from a Russian speaking background? It is sometimes difficult to hear the difference between the two sounds for Russian background speakers. This English accent tip for Russian speakers will get rid of a lot of frustration for you and make your accent and speech in English so much clearer!

First, try listening to native English speakers around you for a week and hear how they say words with ‘a’ in them. Let your ear begin to notice the difference.

Secondly, try saying the words that follow. Be careful to make them sound different . Use your English ‘a’ vowel in the ‘a’ words not your Russain one.

Your mouth should feel different in the way it moves from your Russian ‘a’. (NR = not a real word in English)

‘e’ words ‘a’ words
epple (NR) apple
end and
ent (NR) ant
effort affort (NR)
send sand
set sat
said (ai is said as ‘e’ ) sad
fet (NR) fat
entertain antertain (NR)

I hope you’ve enjoyed my English accent tip for Russian speakers!

Best wishes,

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