How to say words with English Common Endings ‘al’ and ‘el’

Most English common endings are said with a schwa vowel as they aren’t the most important part of the word. Having said that, English common endings or suffixes, do give us information about the word.
I have chosen to make a video about the English common endings ‘al’ and ‘el’, because sometimes it can be confusing knowing how to pronounce words with these endings. It can be difficult to know how to pronounce these English common endings as it isn’t always clear from the way the word is spelled.

For example, it can be difficult to know how to pronounce words such as ‘real’ or ‘cruel.’
In ‘real’ /rɪəl/ we need to say the ‘e’ as ‘ee’, and then add the /əl/ separately. 
In the word ‘cruel’ /krʊəl/ we need to say the ‘u’ saying /ʊ/, and then add the /əl/ separately.
As you practise saying the words also pay attention to whether you’re saying the words with the correct stress patterns. Don’t forget to de-stress the ‘al’ and ‘el’ syllables by replacing the ‘a’ and ‘e’ with the schwa vowel.

Enjoy the video, and if you have a word with  these English common endings that you find tricky to pronounce, feel free to ask me how to say it in the comments section below.

English Common Endings ‘al’ and ‘el’ Pronounce Correctly- VIDEO

Best wishes, Esther

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