This time I thought I would bring you an English pronunciation dialogue to practise with.

The vocabulary in the dialogue is on how to pronounce the words economy, economist, economical, uneconomical and economically.

English pronunciation and English Fluency- which syllables are weak and which are stressed?

I will go through each of the featured words and show you which syllables are stressed and which are weak. I will put the stressed syllables in bold.

economy–      ihkonuhmee

economist-    ihkonuh-mist

economical-     ek-uhnomi-kuh l

uneconomical-   un- ek-uhnomi-kuh l

economically-   ek-uhnomik-lee

Even if you don’t work in finance, the dialogue is useful for you to practise saying multisyllabic words and for practising weak and stressed syllables for English fluency and English pronunciation.


 Here is the dialogue text:

Jan: Hey John!   What do you do?

 John:  I’m an economist at a large corporate company.

 Jan:  Aren’t you always spending money?  It’s not very economical for an economist.

 John:  Many economists find it hard to spend economically. Just like pool cleaners don’t clean their pools.

 Jan:  Well I guess that’s good for the economy.

 John: Yes. Economists help boost the economy  with their uneconomical spending habits.

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Enjoy practising.

Best wishes,


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