Hi, I’m excited to share a recent accent reduction English podcast that I did with Lindsay from the American English Language school- All Ears English!

The English podcast was great fun, and we went through some great accent reduction tips and pronunciation don’ts:-

  • How to speak clearly more quickly
  • How to make your new clear speech more automatic in everyday situations by using micro tasking
  • How to organise your practise for better results
  • How to hear the melody of English, and at what stage to practise it so you make better connections with people
  • How you need to move your mouth for English

We also talked about some of the differences between the American and Australian accents:-

  • vowels
  • the /r/ factor – er, or, ar, ire etc
  • different resonance
  • different syllable stress

Have a listen and enjoy!

3 Important Accent Reduction Tips- English PODCAST

AEE 1273: 3 Pronunciation Don’ts with Esther Bruhl

Best wishes, Esther

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