VIDEO: English Pronunciation, How to Say: Reservation. Learning the Schwa Sound.

Hi It’s Esther here, thanks to everyone who sent in your most difficult English words. I have made a series of one words videos for you with some of the most difficult English words that often get mispronounced in English so you can learn exactly how to pronounce them correctly. In this video you will learn how to say the word: reservation for Australian and British pronunciation. By watching this English pronunciation video you will also get practise using the schwa sound.

Practise Difficult Words to Improve Your English Pronunciation

Difficult English words need some extra practise so I’ve included a practise sentence for you so you can master the word ‘reservation’! Whether you are a beginner or more advanced at English it is great to practise a variety of words so you can start to become more fluent in English. By practising with this video you will be able to start improving your accent without the fear of speaking to a native speaker. To use our accent training courses to gain confidence in English click on an accent below.

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P.s. If you would like to tell me the English words you find difficult to pronounce, leave me a comment below, I might even make a video for you!

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