English Accent Tips for Indian language background Speakers

English pronunciation for Indian speakers:

If you are originally from an Indian speaking language and you want to speak clearly in English I’ve created some tips specifically for you! Here are some really important tips to correct your English pronunciation for Indian speakers.

3 main things to start with

I was recently asked which three things to start with for an English accent. I recommended the following:

  1. Make all the consonants lighter – don’t press and hold the tongue so hard or long.
    This is especially for the unvoiced ones such as p, t, k, f. Make them more ‘airy’
  2. Choose one vowel and work on it until you are using it in everyday speech. Then move onto another.
  3. Work on acquiring the rhythm and melody of English. English is less ‘melodic’. Less ‘up and down’  in pitch and melody.Notice which syllable in long words is stressed and copy that.  e.g. not  de fi nite,  but   de f nite.
    This element is a very important one for clearer speech.  Also for acquiring an English accent.

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