Why you struggle in English pronunciation of words ending in ‘ly’, is because often it becomes part of a consonant blend.  Two or even three consonants said together in a row.

For English pronunciation of  words ending in ‘ly’,  first you need to make sure you are saying the English /l/ correctly.

Then you need to think of the ‘ly’ ending as part of a consonant blend. You need to practise your mouth moving from sound to sound slowly at first even for a few days or couple of weeks.  Then say the word more quickly making sure you still say the consonants together properly. Don’t leave any out.

I have prepared the following audio lesson for you so you can practise  the English pronunciation of words ending in ‘ly’. Most of them are especially long.



English Pronunciation of words ending in ‘ly’

currently  (consonant cluster ‘ntl’ )

conceivably  ( consonant cluster ‘bl’)

particularly   ( consonant cluster ‘rl’ for American accent speakers)

undeniably  ( consonant cluster ‘bl’

consciously ( consonant cluster ‘sl’)

unfortunately ( consonant cluster ‘ tl’)

constructively ( consonant cluster ‘vl’  and ‘ str ‘ in the middle of the word)

touchingly    ( consonant cluster ‘ngl’)

economically  ( consonant cluster ‘cl’)

considerably  (consonant cluster ‘bl’)

unfortunately ( consonant cluster ‘tl’)

especially  ( consonant cluster ‘shl’ )

raggedly (consonant cluster  ‘gdl’)


Best wishes,

Esther Bruhl

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