All languages have expressions that aren’t always literal, so for this training lesson, we’ll practise English pronunciation and English expressions. We’ll ‘kill two birds with the one stone!’ – another English expression and we haven’t even started!

I’ve made an audio lesson below so you can hear the English pronunciation of common expressions with the word ‘run’ to practise your accent reduction skills, and learn these expressions so you can use them correctly in your everyday situations.


English Pronunciation- 8 Expressions With ‘Run’

1 To run a company or program

To be in charge of a company or course/ program – For example, She’s the CEO of that company and she runs it very well.¬† They run courses on accounting in that section of the building.

2 Have a run of luck/ bad luck

To have a series of incidences within a certain period of time that are good or bad luck. – For example, They had a run of bad luck and lost their business and home. He had a run of luck and won the lottery 3 times in four months!

3 In the long run

This means eventually, or over a period of time. For example, In the long run, we were able to achieve all the goals we set. You will have to tell him what happened in the long run.

4 To run out of

To use something up and not have enough of it. For example, We ran out of time before we could complete the exam. I ran out of flour, and had to get some more from the supermarket up the road.

5 To have a dry run

To trial something, or have a practise of something before it happens. For example, The race car driver had a dry run around the course before the race commenced. Let’s have one more dry run, before we record it properly.

6 Make a run for it

To run as quickly as you can out of a bad situation, or to escape. For example, They made a run for the car despite the pouring rain. The prisoners made a run for it, even though it was still light.

7 Run someone ragged

Make someone very tired because they are pushed to do too many things. For example, He was exhausted after being run ragged at work all day. She was run ragged looking after her grandchildren all day.

8 Run out of gas/petrol

To not have any more gas/ petrol in your car. For example, We hadn’t checked the fuel gauge, and ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere. We’d better stop soon. We’re going to run out of petrol.

Have fun using these expressions.

Best wishes, Esther

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