In this English Pronunciation training tip I will teach you how to say the ‘qu’ consonant blend  sound.

I have included a voice recording for you below so you can copy me, and practise saying the ‘qu’ sound in words and sentences.

Because ‘qu’ is a sound made by pronouncing the /k/ and /w/ sounds together, it is a consonant blend.  There are many consonant blends to practise in English pronunciation, so let’s start with  /kw/ It is important that you make sure you  put your lips forward properly for the /w/ and don’t miss it out.

English pronunciation. How to pronounce the qu sound.

Over do the lips forward movement for the /w/ if you have to at first, to make sure you’re saying the /kw/ properly. Don’t leave the /w/ out as your mouth goes to the vowel after it.

In the voice recording I have included in this article, I will leave a space for you to copy me and practise.

The words in the audio training  recording are :

quick, quiet, quite, queen, quarter, quit

The 2 sentences in the audio training recording are:

He had to leave quite quietly not to disturb the queen.

She quickly and quietly ate a quarter of the cake and quit the restaurant.


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