English Speaking Fluency-Practise this..

Eng­lish Speak­ing Flu­en­cy- Prac­tise This….

An impor­tant ele­ment in Eng­lish speak­ing flu­en­cy is to say words end­ing in con­so­nant blends in sen­tences, with­out leav­ing out one of the con­so­nants.

Then the next lev­el of mas­tery in Eng­lish speak­ing flu­en­cy is:

To say all the sounds in the con­so­nant blend at the end of words, and at the same time to link the last con­so­nant to the next word if it begins with a vow­el.

Sounds com­pli­cat­ed!

It does take ‘oral gym­nas­tics’ but once you prac­tise it, it’s easy!

Eng­lish speak­ing flu­en­cy– link­ing the final con­so­nant in a blend to the next word- audio train­ing

lt blend words

Built in    said: Buil-tin

Dif­fi­cult angle     said: dif­fi­cul tan­gle

Felt ener­getic      said: fel ten­er­getic

Fault in                said: faul tin

Spoilt edge           said: spoil tedge

Because of the dif­fi­cult angle the wall had a fault in it.

They felt ener­getic after their last excur­sion.

Don’t put the built-in cup­board on the spoilt edge.

St blend words

Most impor­tant    said: mos tim­por­tant

Waste it                said: wase tit

Cost around         said: cos taround

First open            said: firs topen

Most obvi­ous       said: mos tob­vi­ous

The most impor­tant thing is, when is the first open day, and will it cost around the bud­get I have?

Most obvi­ous­ly, I don’t want to waste it and find out I can’t get anoth­er one.

Nd Blend words

Find any         said: fin dany

Mind open      said: min dopen

Found out       said: foun dout

Fanned edge   said: fan dedge

Stand in           said: stan din

Tree- lined avenue    said: tree- line dav­enue

 It’s locat­ed in a qui­et tree –lined avenue.

I found out you can’t make it next Sat­ur­day, so I’ll stand in for you at the first exhi­bi­tion.

I didn’t find any round ones, but keep your mind open, because I did find one with a fanned edge, and I didn’t know if you want­ed that.

Ct blend words

Con­tact our    said: con­tac tour

Direct it          said: direc tit

Expect a          said: expec ta

When you con­tact our cousins don’t expect a for­mal wel­come.

Pick up the hose and direct it at the last emp­ty buck­et.

So to help you with your Eng­lish speak­ing flu­en­cy you need to get good at pro­nounc­ing con­so­nant blends at the end of words and link­ing the final con­so­nant to the next word if it begins with a vow­el. Eng­lish speak­ing flu­en­cy is like gym­nas­tics for your mouth. You do the move­ments over and over and your mouth will per­form like a well rehearsed gym­nas­tics rou­tine!

Best wish­es, Esther

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