English Words That Sound Similar -How To Pronounce Them

I recently asked customers which English words they get mixed up when they’re trying to pronounce them, and I got quite a few. Thank you to everyone who contributed. The interesting thing is, quite a few of the English words show a confusion between the ‘aw’ vowel and the ‘oe’ vowel sounds. I’ve prepared a training lesson on these English words for you, and also written them below including the phonetics so you can see how to say the words.


English Words That Sound Similar -How To Pronounce Them

   Words    British      American     Australian                 Said
   hall- hole (whole)  /hɔːl/- /həʊl/     /hɔːl/- /hoʊl/     /hɔːl/- /hoʊl/   hawl – hoel
   law – low   /lɔː/- /ləʊ/   /lɔː/-  /loʊ/   /lɔː/-   /loʊ/   law – loe
  horse – hose  /hɔːs/- /həʊz/    /hɔːrs/- /hoʊz/   /hɔːs/- /hoʊz/   hors -hoez
  ball – bowl   /bɔːl/- /bəʊl/   /bɔːl/- /boʊl/   /bɔːl/- /boʊl/   bawl – boel
  call – coal   /kɔːl/- /kəʊl/   /kɔːl/- /koʊl/   /kɔːl/- /koʊl/   kawl – koel
  oil – well   /ɔɪl/-  /wel/   /ɔɪl/-  /wel/   /ɔɪl/-  /wel/  oyl – wel (lips forward -w)
 ball – bull   /bɔːl/- /bʊl/   /bɔːl/- /bʊl/   /bɔːl/- /bʊl/  bawl- bool (short oo)
 hawk – hook  /hɔːk/- /hʊk/   /hɔːk/- /hʊk/   /hɔːk/- /hʊk/  hawk – hook (short oo)
 roll (role)- rule   /rəʊl/- /ruːl/   /roʊl/- /ruːl/   /roʊl/- /ruːl/  roel- rool (long oo)
 worm – warm   /wɜːm/ – /wɔːm/   /wɝːm/- /wɔːrm/  /wɜːm/ – /wɔːm/  werm – worm
 walk -work  /wɔːk/- /wɜːk/   /wɔːk/- /wɝːk/  /wɔːk/- /wɜːk/  wawk- werk
 debt – death  /det/- /deθ/   /det/- /deθ/  /det/- /deθ/  det (b is silent)- deth
 sport – support  /spɔːt/- /səˈpɔːt/    /spɔːrt/- /səˈpɔːrt/  /spɔːt/- /səˈpɔːt/   sport – suport
 accept – expect  /əkˈsept/ – /ɪkˈspekt/    /əkˈsept/ – /ɪkˈspekt/   /əkˈsept//ɪkˈspekt/   əksept – ikspect
 soap -soup /səʊp/-/suːp/  /soʊp/-  /suːp/  /soʊp/-  /suːp/  soep- soop


If you have any more examples let me know in the comments below and I will collect them and make another training lesson with them. In the meantime have a look at this training lesson that shows you how to say some other tricky words.

Best wishes, Esther

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