How to Speed Your Speech up by Slowing Down – Become Fluent in English

How to speed up by slowing down

Recently I’ve had a few students who have said that they can be clear in English when they speak slowly, but when they start to speak faster, they are frustrated because they feel they become less clear.

You know what, I understand their concern. It doesn’t matter what your speech goal is in English- to get a particular accent, to neutralize your accent, or to be clearer and gain confidence when you speak, you want to be able to speak at a regular speech rate, and still sound clear and use correct English stress and rhythm.

So, the motto you need to use is: Faster NOT shorter.

What does faster not shorter mean?

When we talk at a normal rate we still need to linger or stay on a stressed syllable for the correct amount of time needed, to say the vowel long enough. You need to hold the vowel on a nano second longer because it’s the stressed syllable.

So, speaking faster BUT not shortening the vowel in the stressed syllable. It’s a timing thing. Faster NOT shorter. The vowel doesn’t become too short, just because we’re speaking faster.

For example (watch video for demonstration):

Mah colligs (colleagues) are coming soon (short).

My colleagues are coming soon.

Give each vowel it’s correct timing and length before moving to the next sound or word.

Faster But Not Shorter.

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