Meet Bonnie Lifang. Bonnie who is originally from China, moved to Australia to pursue new opportunities. She was frustrated because no matter how hard she tried, or how much she spoke with her local friends, she still had a very strong Chinese accent. She found it difficult to pronounce certain words and sounds in English, especially multi-syllabic words, and she wanted people to understand her easily when she spoke.

Bonnie got the Speak More Clearly Accent Training Course and in less than 2 weeks she already started to notice a change in her pronunciation – it was easier to pronounce certain English words and sounds.

In less than 3 months she noticed that her accent has changed and she was able to speak more clearly. Bonnie shocked her Australian friend because he was blown away the difference in her accent and speech.

Bonnie gained confidence in her English speech from using the course and she is now getting ahead in her career by working in a notable Australian company.

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Bonnie’s training taught her how to speak like a native in English and create better social and professional relationships.

If you are like Bonnie and know that with a bit of practise and the right direction you can achieve great heights, click here for a British accent, here for an Australian accent or here for an American accent now to start training and see what all the fuss is about!

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