English tutoring and preparation services for the IELTS® test with Kristen Espinar  – How To get a Band 7+ Score

Want to know how to improve your writing and speaking for the IELTS® test to a 7+ in the written and spoken sections of the exam?

I recently interviewed an expert teacher and coach- Kristin Espinar, and I’m really excited about all of the great practical speaking and writing tips you’ll find in the interview.

Kristin Espinar provides English tutoring and preparation services for the IELTS® test. She is a coach, author, and podcaster who helps candidates get a 7+ band score in writing and speaking for the IELTS® test. She has been an ESL and exam coach for 15 years, has a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and has been an official scorer for TOEFL exams and others for the past 7 years.  She’s the founder of Get a 7+ Band score, the online IELTS® test prep academy as well as the Get a 7+ Band score Podcast. 

You’ll find a whole lot of free support material on Kristin’s website and her Podcast.

Some of what you will learn in this interview (and there’s plenty more):

  • In depth tips on how to prepare for the writing and speaking sections of  the IELTS® test
  • Tips to sound more natural when speaking
  • Effective ways to prepare vocabulary for topic development
  • How to sound more professional
  • The 3 most common errors students make in grammar (written and spoken)
  • The biggest error students make in the speaking test and how to fix it
  • The best way to learn the topics for the speaking test
  • About structure for the written test
  • How to make mini manageable goals and then bring it all together

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Best wishes, Esther

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