How To Pronounce 15 Top Tech Companies’ Names with an American Accent – Twitter, Google, Youtube etc

Welcome to this video on how to pronounce tech company names for 15 of the most commonly discussed tech companies.

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It’s sometimes difficult to know how to pronounce tech company names, people’s names, or street names in English because often they don’t follow regular rules, or they may originate from a different language other than English.


1. Amazonthe 2nd syllable is shortened and the ‘a’ is replaced by a schwa short /ə/ ‘u’ sound.

Amazon  /ˈæm.ə.zɑːn/


2. Twittersay twider, the /t/ in the middle becomes a quick flicked /d/.

Twitter  /ˈtwɪt̬.ɚ/


3. Youtube – make your ‘oo’ in ‘you’ long enough.

YouTube  /ˈjuː.tuːb/


4. Teslamake sure you say a short schwa /ə/ sound whenever you see an ‘a’ at the end of a word. So not Teslah with a long ‘ah’ at the end, but Tesla  /ˈtɛslə/.

The same for:

China  /ˈtʃaɪ.nə/

Asia  /ˈeɪ.ʒə/


5. Applemake sure you say a proper ‘a’ /ae/ vowel and just go quickly from the /p/ to ‘l’ in ‘pl’.

Not pool, – don’t put your lips forward.  It’s  ‘pl’.

Apple  /ˈæp.əl/


6. Microsoft Corporation – make sure you say both parts of the 2 part vowels – the ‘ie’ in /mi/ and the ‘a’ as in ray.

Microsoft  /maɪ.kroʊˈsɑːft/

Don’t forget the /t/ at the end of the consonant blend “ft’.

For Corporation, the ‘a’ is held on the longest and is the main stressed syllable.

Corporation  /ˌkɔːr.pəˈreɪ.ʃən/


7. IBM – this is simply said with the name of the letters. Make sure your “i” is said properly and long enough. Not ‘ah’ BM, but ‘IBM’  /aɪ.biːem/


8. Google – don’t shorten your ‘oo’ vowel in the middle. It’s not Google  /ˈɡʊ.ɡəl/ but Google /ˈɡuː.ɡəl/ with a long ‘oo’.


9.  Adobe – now, according to English rules, it should be said ‘Adobe’ because the ‘e’ at the end should be silent. But this doesn’t follow that rule and so we say Adobe, and pronounce the ‘e’. Make sure you pronounce your ‘oe’ diphthong with both vowels for the ‘o’ letter and don’t leave out the second short ‘oo’ sound. 

Adobe  /əˈdoʊ.bi/


10. Salesforce – make sure you say the second /s/ as a /z/ sound. Hold the /z/ on slightly longer to allow your mouth to get ready for the ‘f’ sound.

Salesforce  /ˈseɪlz ˌfɔːrs/


11. Accenture – the first ‘c’ is said as a /k/ sound. The 2nd ‘c’ says /s/ because the ‘c’ is followed by an ‘e’. ‘ture’ is always says ‘cher’. Just like in picture  /ˈpɪk.tʃɚ/.

Accenture  /ˈæk.sən.tʃɚ/


12. Oracle –  he ‘a’ is said as a schwa vowel. Don’t put your lips forward for ‘cle’.

Oracle  /ˈɔːr.ə.kəl/


13. Deloitte Consulting – the ‘e’ in Deloitte becomes a schwa vowel ‘də’ and you need to say the ‘oi’ long enough. 

Delloite /dəˌlɔɪt/ 

The ‘o’ in consulting is also a schwa. Cən, not Con. 

Consulting  /kənˈsʌl.t̬ɪŋ/ 


14. Samsung – said as it looks because it’s a Japanese word /sam suhng/.

Samsung  /sæm.sʌŋ/


15. Tencent Holdings – tencent is said Ten Cent and follows the rule to make the /c/ say /s/ because it’s followed by an ‘e’.

For Holdings, be careful to go from the ‘ng’ to ‘a’ /z/ sound. The /s/ is saying /z/

Holdings  /ˈhoʊl·dɪŋz/


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