How To Pronounce 5 Quotes From Christina Applegate Shows & Films

Here’s a video on how to pronounce 5 quotes from some of the most popular TV shows & Films Christina Applegate has starred in!

Hi everyone, it’s Ann from Speak More Clearly. One of the most fun ways to improve your English pronunciation is through pop culture! Today, we’re celebrating the legendary actress, Christina Applegate by teaching you how to pronounce 5 quotes from some of the most prolific Christina Applegate shows & films and while we’re at it we’ll throw in that bonus word for you…

Bonus Word:

Prolific/prəˈlɪf.ɪk/ –  with a schwa vowel in ‘prə’ at the beginning.

In this lesson, we’re focusing on American pronunciation – after all, we are taking inspiration from American TV shows and movies! You can also use this video to practise your Australian or British accent – just make sure you modify the vowel sounds as needed.

English Pronunciation Quote #1 – Married With Children

1. The 1st quote is from the show Married with Children: “I’m so hungry I could eat a vegetable!”

Use this quote to practice 2 things:

Number 1. ‘I’m – The ‘i’ is the ‘ie’ diphthong, so don’t cut it short. Give your mouth time to say both vowels in ‘ie’ before the /m/. It’s not ‘ahm’, but ‘ah’ plus short ‘i’.  

Number 2. Practice flowing speech by linking eat and ‘a’, so it’s ‘eata’. By the way, the 2nd ‘e’ in vegetable is omitted, so it’s veg-table.

 Christina Applegate Quote #2 – The Sweetest Thing

2. Our 2nd one is from the classic noughties rom-com, The Sweetest Thing: “Remember, you’re unique. And so is everyone else.”

Here you need to practice the shortened form of ‘you are’ It becomes ‘yor’. You can practice your linking for fluent flowing speech with ‘is everyone else’. Don’t stop between words, just link them together like one big long word. Make sure you also use the intrusive /w/. Put a /w/ sound between the ‘o’ and ‘i’ in ‘so is’ say ‘sowis’. This allows you to get from one vowel to the next more easily without stopping.

American English Pronunciation Quote #3 – Anchorman

3. The 3rd quote is from one of Applegate’s most famous characters, Veronica Corningstone… Anchorman!: “Brick, are you saying that there is a party in your pants and that I’m invited?”

In the /ted/ ending in ‘invited’, the ‘e’ becomes a schwa, very short ‘u’ sound and is de-stressed, say ‘tud’ /təd/.

 Christina Applegate Quote #4 – Dead to Me

4. Our 4th quote is from the dark comedy Netflix show, Dead to me: “I don’t hate you, I’m just consistently disappointed with you.”

Don’t cut the ‘oe’ vowel short in don’t. Make sure you say both vowels for ‘oe’ and include lips quickly forward for the short ‘oo’ before the N sound. Make sure you make the /sis/ syllable as the stressed or longest syllable in ‘consistently’. The ‘o’ isn’t pronounced as a clear sound. It becomes a schwa vowel /ə/, and so does the ‘e’ in /tent/.

Consistently  /kənˈsɪs.tə

English Accent Training Quote #5 – Friends

5. Our 5th quote is from the iconic role of Rachel’s sister Amy in Friends: “It’s almost not even worth dating married guys.”

For the British and Aussie accents the ‘a’ in ‘all’ says ‘aw’ as in prawn.

Whereas for the American accent, the ‘a’ in all says ‘o’ as in hot. 

So British and Australian accents:

almost /ˈɔːl.məʊst/

American accent:

almost /ˈɑːl.moʊst/  

Lastly, to get from the /th/ at the end of ‘worth’ to the /d/ at the beginning of dating, don’t stick your tongue out for the /th/. Keep the tongue tip just between your top and bottom teeth, let the air out, and then move it up for the /d/.

Worth dating  /wɝːθ.ˈdeɪ.t̬ɪŋ/

Slowly and show /th/ tongue placement.

Those are our 5 favorite Christina Applegate quotes!

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