How to Pronounce the Difference Between Wary and Weary?

Learn How to Pronounce these two similar words!

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A quick video this time on how to pronounce the difference between wary and weary.

First, the meanings so you can add these great words to your vocabulary.

Wary means:

‘feeling or showing caution about possible dangers or problems.’

Weary means:

‘feeling or showing extreme tiredness, especially as a result of excessive exertion; or tired of doing something- had enough of it’

So, ‘wary’ is said as if it has an ‘e’ in it, or w plus the word airy- ‘wairy’

Practise Sentence:

The child hid behind his Mother as he was wary of the big dog in the garden.

Weary is said as if it’s spelled ‘weery’.

Practise Sentence:

She was weary after a difficult day at work, and went to bed early.

He was weary of arguing about what to do next.

Let’s say them together

Wary – weary    and once more     wary – weary.

Here are more pronunciation tips on words with ‘tw’ consonant cluster.

Don’t forget to use these words in your everyday speech.

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