How To Pronounce The Difference Between Wear And Were?

Learn how to pronounce wear vs were!

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Lately we’ve had a few students who’ve been confused about how to pronounce the difference between wear and were.

 The main difference is that in the word wear, the vowel says ‘air’ as in the air we breathe. In the word were, the vowel says ‘er’ as in the word bird.

Just before we practice these words, note that the words:

where- where are you going

wear – I wear shoes

ware- software

May be spelt differently, but they’re all pronounced exactly the same way. 

Practise Words:

We’ll say wear first with the ‘air’ vowel, and then were with the ‘er’ vowel second.

First, we’ll practice the British and Australian pronunciation, and then the American.

British and Australian accent:

 air   wear  – er  were  (watch the video above to hear the pronunciation)     

American accent:

air   wear  – er  were  (watch the video above to hear the pronunciation)               

Practise Sentences:

They were wearing shorts.

They were aware that their software was where they left it.

Don’t forget that we have hundreds and hundreds of words and sentences to practice with in our American, British and Australian accent training courses, as well as fluency material such as dialogs, narratives, paragraphs and passages to practice with.

For more pronunciation tips, check this video lesson on how to say ‘wor’words correctly.

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