How To Pronounce Names Of  The Main Characters From The Netflix Sensation: Wednesday (The Addams Family Reboot)

Wednesday – How to Pronounce Names from the Cult Classic; The Addams Family 

Hi, it’s Ted here from Speak More Clearly! In this training video, I’m going to go through some of the names of the characters in the popular Netflix show: Wednesday.

Often our students ask us how to say certain place names or names of people. It can be tricky to know how a name is pronounced maybe because it is a name from another language, or because, as is a common trend these days, people like to pronounce and spell names more individually.

History of the Addams Family 

Have you ever watched the Addam’s Family movies or the original TV series from 1964? The concept of the family was originally thought up and created by a cartoonist called Charles Adams in 1938.

English Speech Training – Pronounce these Addams Family Names:

American accent training - how to pronounce Wednesday Addams


The daughter in Addam’s family. Her name is pronounced the same as the day of the week. Interestingly, we omit some sounds when we say this name which is tricky because of the triple consonant blend. Also, hold the /z/ on slightly longer, and then move to the /d/.

Wednesday  /ˈwenz.deɪ/


Pronounce British names. Accent training - speak more clearly


Wednesday’s brother’s name. Not a common first name at all, and is a surname from old England. We pronounce this name ‘pugzlee’, the /s/ becomes a /z/.

Pugsley  /pʌɡ , sliː/


Pronounce American English. Katharine Zeta Jones


Wednesday’s mother’s name. Charles Addams the cartoonist, invented the name which apparently means ‘mortician’. He was obviously having a bit of a joke with this name! Morticia is said ‘Mortishə’. Additionally, the final ‘a’ at the end of a word in English, always says the de-stressed schwa vowel, a short ‘u’ sound.

Morticia  /mɔːrˈtɪʃ.ə/


How to pronounce Addams Family character names in English


Wednesday’s father’s name. The ‘o’ letter is saying ‘oe’ – as in ‘go’ and the surname Addams is said Adəmz. The 2nd ‘a’ is a short schwa.

Addams  /ˈæd.əmz/


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With all the hair! Cousin in English is pronounced ‘kuzən’ not ‘Koo’ or cow but ‘ku’. The SIN is pronounced /zən/.

Cousin  /ˈkʌz.ən/


Pronounce Uncle Fester in American English


With no hair! Uncle Fester is another bit of a joke, because ‘fester’ means infected such as when a sore becomes infected. We say his name ‘unkl fester’.

Uncle Fester  /ˈʌŋ.kəl ,ˈfes.tɚ/



The extremely tall butler. This name is said as it looks. Make sure you say a ‘ch’ at the end properly, and not a soft long ‘sh’

Lurch  /lɝːtʃ/


Pronounce beloved characters names from the Addams family. Elocution training


The servant who pops up all over the place to ‘lend a hand’. He’s just a hand all by itself, without an attached body. Thing has an unvoiced ‘th’ at the beginning – make sure you let out enough air over your tongue before you move to the ‘i’ sound. Don’t pronounce the /g/ at the end – the ‘ng’ says ‘ng’.

Thing  /θɪŋ/


study English fluency - learn how to say Larissa Weems in an American accent


Wednesday’s school principal. Make sure you say the ‘ee’ in Weems long enough.

Larissa Weems /ləˈrɪs.ə , wiːmz/


English training. How to say Marilyn Thornhill in an English accent


Wednesday’s teacher. The ‘i’ in Marilyn is said short, as a schwa /Mar ə lin/

Marilyn /ˈmær.ə.lɪn/ 

Thornhill is said as it looks.

Thornhill  /ˈθɔːr.nhɪl/


So, there you have it. Some of the main characters in the new version of The Addams Family franchise, and along the way you’ve practised your English pronunciation, and learnt how to pronounce certain names.

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