The Difference Between The /a/ and /e/ Vowels

In the video above you will learn how to pronounce words with the /a/ and /a/ sounds in them. I have included practise words and practise sentences for the a and e vowels. You will also learn exactly how to move your mouth the produce these vowels.

If you struggle to tell the difference between the a and e vowels, I will show you the difference between these vowel sounds and how to pronounce each sound properly. If you have trouble pronouncing the correct sound in the correct word this will definitely help also.

Just like in the British Accent Course, Australian Accent Course and American Accent Course I will take you through exactly how to master English vowels (in this video we are focusing on the /a/ and /e/ vowels).

I know, becoming fluent in English and learning how to pronounce words correctly is difficult so I hope this free video has helped you. Please leave me a comment below to let me know what you thought of the video, or if you have any pronunciation questions.

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