VIDEO: Improve Your English Pronunciation By Working Smarter Not Harder

Hi, it’s Esther here from Speak More Clearly

Today I am excited to give you an English pronunciation tip that will help you speak more clearly by working smarter and not harder.

I have found that people’s pronunciation improves more quickly if they use a script.

So what do I mean?

I will take you through the steps.

First, write out a script which includes what you habitually say, or often have to say at work.

Then, choose one or two pronunciation elements to focus on.

Next, practise saying the script aloud while focusing on your particular articulation goals. For example, you may be working on consolidating the ‘th’ sound, and the ‘a’ vowel into your everyday speech. Or, you may be practising linking and elision in your speech to sound more smooth and flowing in English.

You would focus on these while you read your script aloud to yourself.

Read your script aloud at the very least once a day.

You could even record yourself, and listen back to see if you hit your speech target each time you said a word with it.

Then write another script and keep practising.

When you notice that you are using your new pronunciation at work, then choose a different pronunciation element to work on, and repeat the steps again.

Like my clients who have done this, if you practise properly, you will have a pleasant surprise when you notice your new pronunciation begins to show up in your everyday conversations.

I also suggest, to get practise with different sentences, you could write a script including things you might talk about when you are with your friends, instead of a work script, and practise that every day.

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