Improve Your IELTS Speaking Score – Tips from A Speech Therapist – Part  1

IELTS speaking tips – How to get a higher IELTS level 

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In part 1 of our podcast conversation, we cover how to improve your IELTS speaking score and how to overcome nervousness and anxiety when taking the IELTS exam. 

Highlights (see our timestamps below to jump to this section of the video):

What does it take to get a 7, 8 or 9 in your IELTS exam?

The marking criteria for the IELTS speaking test are: fluency and coherence, lexical resource, grammatical range and accuracy, & pronunciation. In order to get a higher level IELTS score you need to have English proficiency and have a good command over these elements of English .

(4:14) The criteria for getting 7,8,9 in IELTS exam

How to overcome anxiety when taking the IELTS test

Move your mouth more – when we get nervous everything tightens up and then we don’t feel as flowing and confident. That way when you’re feeling anxious, you’re already used to moving your mouth more and you will still be clear – even when you’re nervous.

(6:18) How to overcome anxiety when taking the IELTS test

How to move your mouth speak more clearly in English

English speakers move their mouth more than some other languages. Practise overdoing it in the mirror so that you get used to moving your mouth more.

(7:40) Esther demonstrates how to move your mouth more to be clear in English

English is an animated language so you may have to learn to be more dramatic! Practise being melodramatic when you speak English. Imagine the examiner is your grandparent and you have to speak in clear, full sentences so they can hear you. Make sure you take care of the listener!

How to use your breath and voice training techniques to eliminate nervousness & anxiety

Before your IELTS exam, do some breaths (see video for example). When you breathe the correct way, you allow your muscles to relax. If you have enough air your whole system will be calmer and less tense. 

(12:05) Esther talks about how to use breath to eliminate nervousness & anxiety

Using pauses and phrasing to sound like a native English speaker

In English, we group words together in phrases. This allows you time to breathe and for the listener to take in what you’re saying. It also allows the listener to make meaning of what you’re saying. 

(12:47) Using pauses and phrasing to sound like a native English speaker

What is in speaking part 2 of IELTS exam?

Speaking part 2 is the long section – the cue card section with a question where the speaker has to talk spontaneously for 2 minutes.

(15:05) Adrian talks about speaking part 2 of IELTS exam

How to use stress and intonation to sound more natural in English

Learning to stress the main meaning words is so important because that’s part of the presentation for your IELTS exam. English emphasizes the words that give the main meaning.  This will help you to be much clearer and communicate your ideas effectively to your examiner. English emphasizes the words that give the main meaning. 

(16:08) Esther talks about stress and intonation in English – stressing the main meaning words 


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